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Simply Teddies

10 Jul

Did you like the Tatty Teddy card from the previous post? Well, there’s more of them!

As I mentioned, I got inspired by stickers I found in my supplies, but one card simply wasn’t enough. That’s why, following “all pink” Thank You card there are three more, made in a similar style.


The first one was horizontal and this time I decided to use purple paper for some contrast with pink. The pink stripey bit is actually a leftover from making pink card in the previous post. I hated to throw it away, so I used it in another card – placing it at the edge created a bit of assimetry and an interesting final result. Pictures of teddies were elevated, to add some volume and I also aranged them in a descending pattern, rather than aligning them to the purple self-adhesive ribbon.

I can tell you, I was very satisfied with the final result!

But still, I didn’t have enough ofthe cute teddies, so two more cards followed:


As you can see, these two are a bit more “traditional” – both in vertical aligment and in the design. Each of them is different, but using the same pattern and stickers makes them interesting series, don’t you think?


You’re My Cupcake!

3 Jul

cupcake1On Sunday I presented you with a birthday cupcake card, but that’s not the only “sweet-treat” card I made. Today – another one, in a little bit different style. It can be a birthday card, but could also be given to a friend, or a daughter, or maybe even that special girl…

I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to mix pink and blue, but the overall effect satisfied me – the colours blended nicely and created an interesting result.

Pink Bunny

19 Aug

Another from the birthday series, a quick work with stickers and some papers. I picture this card to be perfect for some little (or not so little) girl, who loves pink, flowers and fluffy bunnies.


Card available.


9 Jul

A year or two ago I got train stickers from my friend and a matching puncher. I found them recently, while I was sorting out my things, and remembered the idea for a card I had. So I decided to finish it. It’s a nice mixture of black and red (the latter slightly darker than in the picture).

Card available, priced 3 euro.

In the forest

29 Jun

A combination of paterned papers, matching brad and sime punched out leaves. Pink provides nice contrast to overall green, so does little silver frame around it (click the picture to enlarge image and see yourself 😉 ).

Card not available anymore.