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More Goodbyes

1 Feb

Core Cards have been dormant on the Internet for the last couple of month, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been making cards at all. So it’s time to catch up a bit and show three “Goodbye” cards I made during the past months. But it’s not all – I am working on a bigger project as well and I will be sharing the pictures with you very soon!

But now: the cards.

The most recent one, made for a coworker who was leaving company to pursue ambitious, personal goal, so he could definitely use a lot of “good luck”:


A farewell card for a cactus-loving coworked just had to be green and have a cactus on it:


And a card for a coworker whose new work was about to be very connected to Twitter and couldn’t resist to make a card that would look like a Twitter feed (all the Twitter handles and messages were made up, though, to protect everyone’s privacy):



Dream Journey

4 Aug

dreamjourneyI had some scraps of paper left after making Blue Dream card, so I dediced to make a card out of them instead of feeding my “might use them for something” scrap collection. Colours and style stayed the same, but I played around with layout a bit.

This card would probably be perfect for saying goodbye to someone setting off on a journey or moving over to another country, but I can also see some romantic soul using it as an invitation – to take their best friend or beloved one for a truly dream journey.

Blue Dream

1 Aug

bluedreamChallenges are really addictive – no wonder as they stimulate creativity and imagination. This card was inspired by a card map (number 35) from ScrapMap blog. It was simple and although I felt tempted to enhance it, in the end I went with the simplicity offered.

Some years ago I created a several “oriental” cards (you can still see them in my showcase gallery) and Blue Dream is coming back to that style and mood. I already feel like making few more, maybe a mini-series: both in the oriental theme and this cool blue shades.

You’re My Cupcake!

3 Jul

cupcake1On Sunday I presented you with a birthday cupcake card, but that’s not the only “sweet-treat” card I made. Today – another one, in a little bit different style. It can be a birthday card, but could also be given to a friend, or a daughter, or maybe even that special girl…

I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to mix pink and blue, but the overall effect satisfied me – the colours blended nicely and created an interesting result.

Birthday Cake

11 Feb


I think layered birthday cakes are great for cards. I wanted this card to be blue, so let’s just pretend it’s covered in icing!

Let it snow?

24 Oct

Snow can be a bit of a problem when it comes to Christmas shopping, trying to walk to work without breaking anything and cleaning that drive way so the car can get out in the morning… But it still is a thing that can make Christmas magical in an instant, with all the fluffy white that reflects Christmas lights so beautifully.

This card was made for all the snow-lovers out there. The idea behing it is as simple, as in the previous one (foam tree and some card), but the falling snow makes it almost busy.

So… Let it snow!
Card available.

Lizards of Ibiza

18 Oct

Apparently lizards are one of the signatures of Ibiza. During my stay over there I haven’t seen a single one, except on the souvenirs, t-shirts and craftwork.

I really liked the way they were scattered across pareos and mugs, and that simple and slightly tribal design was sure eye-catching. Therefore, where it came to thanking two wonderful women, without whom the trip would not be possible, I instantly thought about the lizards.

I need to admit, I felt half-tempted to cover the cards with all sorts of tribal markings, then in the end decided on simplicity. The color choice was obvious – blue for the sea and yellow for the sun, but since I would never make two cards that are exactly the same, I played with them: picked two shades of blue and two different shades of yellow (although I know some people who would place the darker one in the orange group), leaving the design the same.







I apologize for the quality of the pictures, it was quite dark when I took them, and I am still trying to discover the best settings of my new camera.

Blue Bear(y) Birthday

18 Aug

Saturday afternoon card-making. I really like how the blue flowers add character and detail to otherwise simple card.

Card available.

Christmas Bunch

4 Dec

Winter aura sabotages taking good pictures of the cards (not enough light), but I did my best.

Many of my Christmas cards have already been sold, but there is still 13 beautiful Christmas Cards waiting for new owners. They are priced 3 euro each and you can buy as many as you want, but I will be relying on “first come, first served” rule, so grab them before they go!

They are made in different techniques, with various materials – but all of them have been carefully hand crafted!

Contact me here or via Facebook page.





















































Christmas in Blue – one more time

1 Nov

This is the last two of Blue Christmas series, my mood changed to other colours. Lots of glitter, some stickers, blue card and few other bits (including those ready-made trees I got from someone ages ago).

Cards sold.