Showcase Gallery

Here are come cards I consider the best I ever made. Click on the images to enlarge them.

“Heart Window”

Definitely the best one in my private “top ten”. Looks simple, but it took ages to finish: the heart in the middle is a stamp and all the spaces between the lines were hand cut with a craft knife. Then few stickers and my favourite adhesive stones just to make it even better.




“Dare to Dream”

Few ready cut out shapes, ribbons and, of course, some adhesive stones.




“Birthday Butterflies”

Simple again – patterned paper and few stickers. I made quite a few with those butterflies, but this card is definitely the best of them all.





“Oriental Set”

A set of three cards in the same, oriental style. Done in the same time as “Dare to Dream” card, with same materials: cut outs, stones, patterned paper and ribbons. The last one got accidentaly bended, bummer.




“Purple Love”

Valentines Day card I made from my boyfriend. As the “Heart Window” was meant “for the man of my life”, I wasn’t ready to give it away yet. So I made a purple, enhanced version of it. Again, a stamp and a lot of cutting out.



“I Like You”

Another one made for my boyfriend. Once you start, you always want the next one to be better… So I took another stamp, but not only cut out some bits, but also coloured them and made layers – three times the work! But it was worth it.


One Response to “Showcase Gallery”

  1. Inq July 25, 2011 at 21:21 #

    I like the boyfriend one šŸ™‚

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