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Valentines 2014 – part 2

13 Feb

Pink might get a bit boring at times and I’m all for using non-standard colours for the particular themes (like making a Christmas card in purple or blue), so I couldn’t resist creating green Valentine’s Day cards:

But then, I always in the end come back to more traditional looks with hearts.

They look simple, but actually took quite a lot of time to finish as I had to cut around the stickers with a crafts knife to ensure all the spaces are cut properly and egdes are neat.

As usual, you can click on on the pictures to enlarge them and view details.


Valentines 2014 – part 1

12 Feb

Recently I have been busy with another big card project: I challenged myself to make as many Valentines cards as possible (until I run out of materials or patience) and see if I can hit 100. I didn’t manage to make so many, but in the end I still nearly beat my record (last year I made around 45 Christmas cards, but in the end this was spread out across two or three months) and ended up creating 38 various Valentines cards!

Since there were so many of them, I generally went for simplicity, squeezing as much as I could from this “heartful” theme. Over the next days I will be posting all of them until I gather them up in a Valentines 2014 gallery that will be available in the Sample Cards section, probably around next weekend.

Today it’s time for the first batch – I tried to group the similar ones together although they weren’t made in such order.┬áPlease have a closer look at quite traditional, full of both hearts and pink cards (as usual, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see all the details)!

Cog Heart for Steampunk Valentine’s

14 Feb


Did I tell you how hard it is to come up each year with “something nicer and more cool”? Each year’s Valentine card for my boyfriend just has to be better than the previous one. So it’s becoming more and more challenging. This year I went for something simple in design, but definitely time consuming. If you remember my Steampunk-style Easter Card and Mechanical Heart Card, this one will definitely look familiar to you. I used the same heart pattern (yay for my habit of keeping anything that “might be useful one day), but decided to pick colours that would be more suitable for a man. Maybe grey is not the most Valentine-y colour, but couldn’t have used pink!


Simple Red Love

13 Feb


Is everybody ready for Valentine’s Day? Plans made, gifts, flowers, cinema tickets bought? If you just remembered, that “OMG, it’s tomorrow!” making a card might be a live saver. This particular card was quick to make, stickers and card in nice, vivid and strong colours. I decided to add some black to the overly sweet pink-red and red-pink mood of this holiday, not everyone likes the shmoopy side of love.

This year I was well-organised (since I had to post the card in advance) and made another one some days ago, so this one is still free and for grabs!

Wedding Congratulations

24 Sep

This card was made some time ago as a wedding congratulations for my friend. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant, but couldn’t resist to add a bit of pink.

Mechanical Heart

9 Jun

Another Steampunk-inspired card, this time a cog-filled love heart. The technique is the same as in my Steampunk Eeaster card, although this time I wanted the cogs to be packed more densely, so that they wouldn’t be obvious at the first look.

The card is available and priced 4 euro.