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Just a note

31 Aug

justanoteThis card was inspired by a one I found in the depths of Pinterest. It gave me a chance to finally try out my super-big stack of corresponding papers – out of from various palettes with musical notes, I decided in the end to go with browns. So, what do you think?


Simply Thank You

7 Jul

simplythyWhile browsing through my supplies I came across some Tatty Teddy stickers and decided it was time to use them for something – something cute… Therefore, a pink card with simple stripes and two stickers elevated a bit to make it look more interesting.

Of course, this isn’t the only card I made with this sweet teddy, but I will show you more tomorrow…

You’re My Cupcake!

3 Jul

cupcake1On Sunday I presented you with a birthday cupcake card, but that’s not the only “sweet-treat” card I made. Today – another one, in a little bit different style. It can be a birthday card, but could also be given to a friend, or a daughter, or maybe even that special girl…

I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to mix pink and blue, but the overall effect satisfied me – the colours blended nicely and created an interesting result.

And Some More Purple…

28 Apr


Still in a purple mood as you can see. But yesterday I had more of a simple approach. So, just three shades of purple (not counting the background), a bit of white, stones and one puncher. Looks easy, but it actually took a while to finish – I played around adjusting the size of the background squares to get more appealing result.

Also, I pondered on putting some sentiments on the card, but then I decided against it. This way, I either can leave it be, or – depending on the circumstances – I can quickly change it into “Happy Birthday”, “Get well soon” or “Good luck card”.

Memory of Summer

5 Dec

sunflowerAre you cold? I am. The winter is surely here, so I decided to go against all this bad weather and outrageously low temperatures, and create a very warm card – with a big sunflower and lots of warm reds and yellows. It was a simple make: a sticker, some ribbons, patterned papers and a corner puncher, but I like the overall effect.

So… Who would like a piece of summer?

Lizards of Ibiza

18 Oct

Apparently lizards are one of the signatures of Ibiza. During my stay over there I haven’t seen a single one, except on the souvenirs, t-shirts and craftwork.

I really liked the way they were scattered across pareos and mugs, and that simple and slightly tribal design was sure eye-catching. Therefore, where it came to thanking two wonderful women, without whom the trip would not be possible, I instantly thought about the lizards.

I need to admit, I felt half-tempted to cover the cards with all sorts of tribal markings, then in the end decided on simplicity. The color choice was obvious – blue for the sea and yellow for the sun, but since I would never make two cards that are exactly the same, I played with them: picked two shades of blue and two different shades of yellow (although I know some people who would place the darker one in the orange group), leaving the design the same.







I apologize for the quality of the pictures, it was quite dark when I took them, and I am still trying to discover the best settings of my new camera.

Book of Autumn

1 Oct

Autumn is perfect for reading a book, with its chilly, dark evenings, when all you want is a sofa, some tea and a book to read. This could be a perfect birthday card for a bookworm, of course to be given along with a book (or a giftcard to the local bookstore – you never know which book to get, those bookworms seem to have all of them already).

Following my mood for brown colour, this time I wanted to give the card an old book feel.

Card available.

Oriental Autumn

29 Sep

Autumn has set in for good in Ireland, bringing change of the weather – and the mood. This is my latest creation: this time a bit of oriental details mixed up with floral ornaments and autumn-like browns, with a bit of gold and shiny stones to brighten it up. I think that brown is a bit forgotten when it comes to card creation, but in the end it’s all about chosing the right shades and adding a bit of other colours to brighten the card up. I definitely like working with them.


Card available.

Simply Green

26 Sep

Sometimes all the sophisticated and shiny cards, with lots of big words are nothing but annoyance, when you look at them. Sometimes you need something simple, because simple things might carry stronger, clearer message. Sometimes all you need is two shades of green, a floral patter and a piece of ribbon to make a card.

New cards in Gallery section

30 Oct

Core Cards has been on hiatus due to my sickness and holidays, so it’s high time to post new cards. Taking a short break from Christmas mood (but many more cards is coming soon!), I want to present three commissioned cards I made few weeks ago.









Making two cards within the same theme is a bit challenging if they are not supposed to be part of a series. Two of my coworkers were leaving at the same time and I really wanted to treat them individually.

The first card’s idea came by accident: I was looking through my patterned papers and putting them on a pile. The two of them, even though completely different, seemed to match well, so I decided to go with it. So rich in design, they were a real challenge when it came to adding small bits, as they had to match both sides. But in the end I was satisfied with the way this card looked.

The second card features butterflies and is very bright – I wanted pinks and purples and different kinds of ribbons. I managed to make it in completely different style, which was satisfactory.


This is a “Thank you” card commision, a card that was to be sent to a female – that’s why I decided on pink. Some patterned papaers, ribbons, stickers and adhesive flowers were used.