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Christmas Stamps

5 Nov

I really like those stamp-like pictures that seem to perfectly portrait what’s important in Christmas time. The background reminds me of a wrapping paper, but it seemed a bit empty, so I added some snowflakes. In the end the card looks a bit busy, but the stamps still stand out.

Card available.


Let it snow?

24 Oct

Snow can be a bit of a problem when it comes to Christmas shopping, trying to walk to work without breaking anything and cleaning that drive way so the car can get out in the morning… But it still is a thing that can make Christmas magical in an instant, with all the fluffy white that reflects Christmas lights so beautifully.

This card was made for all the snow-lovers out there. The idea behing it is as simple, as in the previous one (foam tree and some card), but the falling snow makes it almost busy.

So… Let it snow!
Card available.

Blue Christmas

11 Sep

I know it’s only September, but I suddenly got this Christmas mood (and local art store provides lots of festive materials… 😉 ), so I hereby present first of the christmas lot.

Three Christmas cards, in blue and silver. Made with stickers, crepe paper, various blue card, with some punched out snowflakes and adhesive stones added.

Cards available, each priced 3 euro.