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Congratulations in Red

13 Oct

congratsredSome time ago I had a very “last minute” request for a wedding congratulations card. Sadly, with it being so late, I only had half of an evening to make a card – it’s not much time to plan and become creative (especially mid-week), but I knew I didn’t want to make a typical wedding card in white. I also decided that since the time was so short, I’d go for simplicity.


Beautiful 30

7 Oct

beautiful30I never made a birthday card with a specific number, so I guess there had to be a first time. I was watching a movie and playing around with the colours – I wanted something bright and cheerful, but maybe also slightly vintage… Turned out a bit of colour and pattern mess, didn’t it?


16 Aug

bye21Here is another card for a coworker who likes cats and Japan. I tried to reflect Japanese popculture and the writing in hiragana (Japanese characters) says “goodbye”.

Cat-bye Card

31 May

bye18Another Good-bye card… I seem to be doing quite a few of these recently. This one was for a cat-lover, so the choice was quite obvious. At first I wanted a black cat for some contrast, but since some people think black cats bring bad luck, I decided to go with all-red card.

I was quite happy with the result, especially it was kind of a “last-minute” commision.

Flowery Wishes

30 Apr


Something different today for all those people tired with purple and with butterflies (brace yourselves, though, more butterflies will be coming!). A very summery card… Did I mention yellow is definitely not one of my favourite colours? But it has some appeal when it comes to card making – I just can’t say “no” when I see this bright and warm shades of yellow among other papers. So… here it is. Best wishes with flowers and yellow.

Ruby Anniversary

9 Mar

rubyA Ruby Anniversary card that I made as a commission. It was interesting to play with various shades of red and texture of the papers to make them much. And it was definitely fun to put a lot of those shiny stones on. It’s not a secret that I love using them…







The inside of the card had a small ornaments – made of musical notes and paint brush, to depict the passions of the couple.

Simple Red Love

13 Feb


Is everybody ready for Valentine’s Day? Plans made, gifts, flowers, cinema tickets bought? If you just remembered, that “OMG, it’s tomorrow!” making a card might be a live saver. This particular card was quick to make, stickers and card in nice, vivid and strong colours. I decided to add some black to the overly sweet pink-red and red-pink mood of this holiday, not everyone likes the shmoopy side of love.

This year I was well-organised (since I had to post the card in advance) and made another one some days ago, so this one is still free and for grabs!

Christmas – make it quick!

11 Dec

I admit, I am hopeless when it comes to making cards – when I feel like it, I can spend an hour or two making one! But then, there is the Christmas rush (what rush, I have enough cards already… but shh!), and sometimes just the need of satisfaction of a nicely done card with not too much time spent (as time is a deficit commodity – always).

That’s why sometimes comes a need for a quick card to be done. Or even two. The idea behind this was simple: make it quick!

Nice background paper, some 3D stickers, ribbon and adhesive drops and… voila! Two cards done in no time. They don’t look like a quick make, do they?


Christmas Stocking

9 Dec

xmas2012-06The story behind this card is rather simple – I had a sheet with stickers and used them all over time. But there was one left. I wanted to throw the empty sheet away, but didn’t like the idea of throwing the sticker away with it. So I decided to make a card with it. It was supposed to be a quick work, but I couldn’t resist some embelishing (glitter glue is great when used scarcely), and in the end the result suprised me: a cheerful Christmas card.

Memory of Summer

5 Dec

sunflowerAre you cold? I am. The winter is surely here, so I decided to go against all this bad weather and outrageously low temperatures, and create a very warm card – with a big sunflower and lots of warm reds and yellows. It was a simple make: a sticker, some ribbons, patterned papers and a corner puncher, but I like the overall effect.

So… Who would like a piece of summer?