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Wedding Butterflies

13 Jun

I was asked by a soon-to-be-wife for “Thank you” cards she could give to bridesmaid and best man. The wedding’s theme was “lavender”, so I prepared two butterfly cards in purple. They are not in an exact lavender shade, but they do correspond with it. And the addition of white, with a bit of silver and pearls set up the wedding mood.

And since I don’t do two exactly the same card, you can see they slightly different, though still staying within the theme and design.

wedbfly2wedbfly1wedbfly3 wedbfly4


Silver Ornaments

12 May

The idea behind these cards was simple – to use a single sticker ornament and make it look interesting enough to be the main piece on the card. I stuck it on the black card, elevated it, colour it in, cut out pieces and add shiny stones. I also decided on having grey background – sometimes I think this colour is underestimated, perceived as dull or not standing out enough.


The second card posed a bit of a problem, because the ornament was a bit too big for my standard A6 size, but then, I though it would be too small for A5. In the end, I found an in-between size, which I never used, as I always perceived it too big or too small, depending on a project. This time it turned out perfect. The idea and technique were the same, but you can see the outcome is a bit different. The little black space at the bottom, ideal for adding a sentiment. I left it blank for now, though.


The colours of them both are exactly the same, but since I took the pictures on two different days, the light was different and cause the difference you can see in the picture. One day I will have to tackle the art of taking pictures for sure!

Good Luck in good black

11 May

bye16A goodbye card for coworker. I wanted to use only two colours on in, silver and black, in the end added a hint of metallic blue and a ribbon. I also didn’t want to cut or write the letters the usual way.

Purple Wishes

27 Apr


So, here’s the second from the “Purple duo”. Again, a coloured in stamp, this time with areas being cut out. You can see how different colours and cutting out bits can change it’s design.

Also, both cards are in the same colour palette, if you can see the difference on the screen – blame my camera!

Purple Day

25 Apr


It’s not a secret, that I love purple, but somehow I always end up making cards in some other colours.

The centre piece of the card is an ornament stamped on paper. It took quite a while to colour it in with various shades of purple and silver. Since the design is so rich in details, I decided that the rest of the card should be rather modest. Well, still couldn’t resist to add few shiny stones, as you can see!

More Spring Butterflies

18 Apr


Yesterday I mentioned that I will show a different outcome from the same material used. Alright, I cheated a bit – the stickers are slightly different in shape and the text is different (also, the black stones are slightly smaller), but the concept stays the same and I used exactly the same papers as in Spring Butterflies in previous post. I like playing around with the same materials, ideas – and still create quite unique cards.

Spring Butterflies

17 Apr


I think I mentioned before, that I have a soft spot for butterflies, even though it’s hard to find a more used up motif. Butterflies here, butterflies there, butterflies everywhere and half of it is kitsch… and every once a while I still want to make a card with them.

Some of you might have browsed my Showcase Gallery and spotted similar design. Although I never make to exactly the same cards, I like to recycle ideas – alter them and improve. Or just play with them. This time I used the same stickers, but different papers – and the outcome is slightly different than the one you can see in the gallery.

And tomorrow… I’m going to show you, that different outcome is also possible, if I use the same stickers (ok, slightly different in shape and text) and the same papers. Stay tuned! 😉

Christmas – make it quick!

11 Dec

I admit, I am hopeless when it comes to making cards – when I feel like it, I can spend an hour or two making one! But then, there is the Christmas rush (what rush, I have enough cards already… but shh!), and sometimes just the need of satisfaction of a nicely done card with not too much time spent (as time is a deficit commodity – always).

That’s why sometimes comes a need for a quick card to be done. Or even two. The idea behind this was simple: make it quick!

Nice background paper, some 3D stickers, ribbon and adhesive drops and… voila! Two cards done in no time. They don’t look like a quick make, do they?


Wedding Congratulations

24 Sep

This card was made some time ago as a wedding congratulations for my friend. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant, but couldn’t resist to add a bit of pink.

Silver Birthday

13 Aug

I really like silver and black mix, and the birthday theme is definitely a one deserving a proper shine (I’m not all for sparkly things, but I really can’t resist some silver sequins).

Also – I might know a lot about card-making, but photo-taking is a whole other matter. It seems that no matter what I do, my perfect-rectangle-shaped cards have uneven edges whenever I take a picture.