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Wedding Butterflies

13 Jun

I was asked by a soon-to-be-wife for “Thank you” cards she could give to bridesmaid and best man. The wedding’s theme was “lavender”, so I prepared two butterfly cards in purple. They are not in an exact lavender shade, but they do correspond with it. And the addition of white, with a bit of silver and pearls set up the wedding mood.

And since I don’t do two exactly the same card, you can see they slightly different, though still staying within the theme and design.

wedbfly2wedbfly1wedbfly3 wedbfly4


Butterfly in grey

8 Jun

greybflyGrey doesn’t really seem like a cheerful colour – that’s why every once a while I feel tempted to play with it. Last time it was ornaments, this time – a butterfly and flowery pattern. A simple card that might suit some less joyful occassions.

More Spring Butterflies

18 Apr


Yesterday I mentioned that I will show a different outcome from the same material used. Alright, I cheated a bit – the stickers are slightly different in shape and the text is different (also, the black stones are slightly smaller), but the concept stays the same and I used exactly the same papers as in Spring Butterflies in previous post. I like playing around with the same materials, ideas – and still create quite unique cards.

Spring Butterflies

17 Apr


I think I mentioned before, that I have a soft spot for butterflies, even though it’s hard to find a more used up motif. Butterflies here, butterflies there, butterflies everywhere and half of it is kitsch… and every once a while I still want to make a card with them.

Some of you might have browsed my Showcase Gallery and spotted similar design. Although I never make to exactly the same cards, I like to recycle ideas – alter them and improve. Or just play with them. This time I used the same stickers, but different papers – and the outcome is slightly different than the one you can see in the gallery.

And tomorrow… I’m going to show you, that different outcome is also possible, if I use the same stickers (ok, slightly different in shape and text) and the same papers. Stay tuned! 😉

Saying “goodbye” once again

13 Apr


Another card for a leaving coworker. The picture’s quality is not the best, but the “We will miss you” in the middle square was quite visible on the card.

Not much story behind it, though it was made in a slightly different way than I usually make my cards. After each card there are scraps and leftovers, and also some elements that I decided not to use for some reason. I never throw them away, and whenever I’m in need of inspiration, I look through the box. And this is what I did this time – I found a bit that gave me an idea for the whole card.

New cards in Gallery section

30 Oct

Core Cards has been on hiatus due to my sickness and holidays, so it’s high time to post new cards. Taking a short break from Christmas mood (but many more cards is coming soon!), I want to present three commissioned cards I made few weeks ago.









Making two cards within the same theme is a bit challenging if they are not supposed to be part of a series. Two of my coworkers were leaving at the same time and I really wanted to treat them individually.

The first card’s idea came by accident: I was looking through my patterned papers and putting them on a pile. The two of them, even though completely different, seemed to match well, so I decided to go with it. So rich in design, they were a real challenge when it came to adding small bits, as they had to match both sides. But in the end I was satisfied with the way this card looked.

The second card features butterflies and is very bright – I wanted pinks and purples and different kinds of ribbons. I managed to make it in completely different style, which was satisfactory.


This is a “Thank you” card commision, a card that was to be sent to a female – that’s why I decided on pink. Some patterned papaers, ribbons, stickers and adhesive flowers were used.

Cream Butterfly

31 Aug

I was really, really sad with the light on the day I took the picture of this card. The sun decided not to go out and I couldn’t get a nice, bright shot of this one. It seems a bit dark and cold, whereas in reality it is nice, creamy-golden card.

It is quite simple, with an embossed butterfly sticking out in the middle (yes, literally sticking out! 🙂 ), patterned papers, ribbons and a bit of golden glitter to shine it up.

There is no text on it (although there is space for it to be added), so the card could serve many purposes, would suit birthday, saying “thank you” or even as unconventional wedding congratulations.

Not available anymore.

Butterfly Letter

17 Jul

I had fun with this one, mixing some leftover papers with the butterfly bits I found at the bottom of a drawer (and it’s a deep drawer). It felt a little bit empty, but in the end I liked the effect and didn’t want to overdo the card by adding too much stuff.

Card not available anymore.

Especially for you (more butterflies!)

11 Jul

When I finished one butterflies card, I couldn’t resist to do another one. The patterned paper says “Especially for you” and there are four butterflies in two shades of purple. Plus some ribbon as a frame and adhesive pearls (because I just can’t resist using all those shiny stones).

Not available anymore.


11 Jul

Butterflies are my favourite motif, and even though I don’t make many cards with them, all are special. I feared this particular one might turn out a bit too dark and gloomy, especially, when I felt tempted to add this black ribbon piece, but in the end it turned out very elegant. Black adhesive stones seemed to be perfect finish for the patterned papers and stickers.

The butterflies are layered to stick out from the page and add some dimension to it.

Card available, priced 3,5 euro.