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Lizards of Ibiza

18 Oct

Apparently lizards are one of the signatures of Ibiza. During my stay over there I haven’t seen a single one, except on the souvenirs, t-shirts and craftwork.

I really liked the way they were scattered across pareos and mugs, and that simple and slightly tribal design was sure eye-catching. Therefore, where it came to thanking two wonderful women, without whom the trip would not be possible, I instantly thought about the lizards.

I need to admit, I felt half-tempted to cover the cards with all sorts of tribal markings, then in the end decided on simplicity. The color choice was obvious – blue for the sea and yellow for the sun, but since I would never make two cards that are exactly the same, I played with them: picked two shades of blue and two different shades of yellow (although I know some people who would place the darker one in the orange group), leaving the design the same.







I apologize for the quality of the pictures, it was quite dark when I took them, and I am still trying to discover the best settings of my new camera.