Me and my cards

I like making cards. Each of them receives my full attention and even though I call some of them “quick-makes”, as they took little time to finish, they still carry all the passion I have for creating.

Each of them is special and never have I made two the same cards. Some of them are made in series, carrying the same style or theme, but they are never exact copies.

Many of my cards have no defined purpose, as I think the card should chosen by its look, to match the personality of a person, not by the fact it has “Happy Birthday” or “Get well soon” on it, although I uses phrases sometimes, when I feel they match the design. Yet, cards can be used to say “Thank you”, show appreciation, express love or simply making someone smile, so it what’s the point in limiting one’s choice? The important words are inside of the card anyway.

I thought I’d share my passion with you, so please, feel free to browse through galleries and leave your comments.



One Response to “Me and my cards”

  1. Monica September 13, 2011 at 19:55 #

    They really look much better!

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