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Come Home Soon

15 Apr

comehomesoonWhile looking through my countless art supplies, I came across those stamp-like stickers. They gave me an idea to make this card – reminding of letters we once wrote to people far away. Therefore the paper, looking like a hand-written letter (a rare thing nowadays, isn’t it) and a “Come home soon” text – something that we would write to the loved ones being far away. I like the old, maybe a bit “vintage” feel of the card that bring memories of times, when we used to find handwritten letters and postcards every once a while…


Cog Heart for Steampunk Valentine’s

14 Feb


Did I tell you how hard it is to come up each year with “something nicer and more cool”? Each year’s Valentine card for my boyfriend just has to be better than the previous one. So it’s becoming more and more challenging. This year I went for something simple in design, but definitely time consuming. If you remember my Steampunk-style Easter Card and Mechanical Heart Card, this one will definitely look familiar to you. I used the same heart pattern (yay for my habit of keeping anything that “might be useful one day), but decided to pick colours that would be more suitable for a man. Maybe grey is not the most Valentine-y colour, but couldn’t have used pink!


Mechanical Heart

9 Jun

Another Steampunk-inspired card, this time a cog-filled love heart. The technique is the same as in my Steampunk Eeaster card, although this time I wanted the cogs to be packed more densely, so that they wouldn’t be obvious at the first look.

The card is available and priced 4 euro.

Happy Easter! (Steampunk style)

6 Apr

Here is something different for this year’s Easter. Inspired by Steampunk aesthetics, cog-filled egg slightly elevated from a simple background, kept in rather un-eastery browns.