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Christmas Birds

18 Dec

xmas2012-09Christmas cards are done, most of them gone already, and I’m away on holidays, but I still have a few cards that I didn’t show here yet.

So, here it is – with cute christmas birds stickers – I wanted to be bright and warm, even though the card is more “wintery” than “Christmasy”. I also tried to keep it simple, with little embelishements. Still, couldn’t resist adding a bit of gold glitter…


Christmas – make it quick!

11 Dec

I admit, I am hopeless when it comes to making cards – when I feel like it, I can spend an hour or two making one! But then, there is the Christmas rush (what rush, I have enough cards already… but shh!), and sometimes just the need of satisfaction of a nicely done card with not too much time spent (as time is a deficit commodity – always).

That’s why sometimes comes a need for a quick card to be done. Or even two. The idea behind this was simple: make it quick!

Nice background paper, some 3D stickers, ribbon and adhesive drops and… voila! Two cards done in no time. They don’t look like a quick make, do they?


Christmas Stocking

9 Dec

xmas2012-06The story behind this card is rather simple – I had a sheet with stickers and used them all over time. But there was one left. I wanted to throw the empty sheet away, but didn’t like the idea of throwing the sticker away with it. So I decided to make a card with it. It was supposed to be a quick work, but I couldn’t resist some embelishing (glitter glue is great when used scarcely), and in the end the result suprised me: a cheerful Christmas card.

Christmas in Gold and Black

8 Dec

xmas2012-05Christmas usually comes with red, green and white colours, making us think of Santa, christmass trees and snow. But what about people, who like to be more extravagant? Or simply don’t like the traditional colours? They deserve a card too, don’t they?

So here’s one for them – shiny gold with elegant black (although my camera seems to be insisting, that the background paper is gray – it is not). I picture it as a perfect card to be attached to a gift (wrapped up in the same colours). I didn’t want the card to be too symetric, so I moved all the presents a bit to the left. It didn’t take long to finish, but I was really satisfied with the outcome.

Holly for Christmas

11 Nov

I stayed up late last night, making cards. This is one of my creations. Simple idea to match the background pattern with punched out elements. I placed them on green fabric I have, to make them stand out a bit (as they would look lost in the background), then added a sticker and a simple green frame. Red adhesive gemstones were the final touch.

I like holly and think I might end up making several cards in this style, making a series. Well, time will tell, as I have a lot more ideas to change into cards.

Card available.

Christmas Stamps

5 Nov

I really like those stamp-like pictures that seem to perfectly portrait what’s important in Christmas time. The background reminds me of a wrapping paper, but it seemed a bit empty, so I added some snowflakes. In the end the card looks a bit busy, but the stamps still stand out.

Card available.

Let it snow?

24 Oct

Snow can be a bit of a problem when it comes to Christmas shopping, trying to walk to work without breaking anything and cleaning that drive way so the car can get out in the morning… But it still is a thing that can make Christmas magical in an instant, with all the fluffy white that reflects Christmas lights so beautifully.

This card was made for all the snow-lovers out there. The idea behing it is as simple, as in the previous one (foam tree and some card), but the falling snow makes it almost busy.

So… Let it snow!
Card available.

Incoming: Christmas!

21 Oct

So, it’s official now – Christmas is coming! With only 2 months left, it’s perfect time to start stocking up on Christmas cards.

For the first one, I decided on simplicity. Bright green card, with foam tree and fluffy beads on top makes this card very warm and not wintery at all, which I find amusing. Perfect card for people, who sometimes get overwhelmed by this gloomy and cold weather.
Card available.

Christmas Bunch

4 Dec

Winter aura sabotages taking good pictures of the cards (not enough light), but I did my best.

Many of my Christmas cards have already been sold, but there is still 13 beautiful Christmas Cards waiting for new owners. They are priced 3 euro each and you can buy as many as you want, but I will be relying on “first come, first served” rule, so grab them before they go!

They are made in different techniques, with various materials – but all of them have been carefully hand crafted!

Contact me here or via Facebook page.






















































5 Nov

If you browsed through the Christmas Sample Gallery, you will surely recognize the sticker and the style. This card is similar to the ones I made a year ago, but this time I didn’t use patterned papers and added some gold glitter (yes, I recently use glitter a lot).

Card available, priced 3 euro.