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More Goodbyes

1 Feb

Core Cards have been dormant on the Internet for the last couple of month, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been making cards at all. So it’s time to catch up a bit and show three “Goodbye” cards I made during the past months. But it’s not all – I am working on a bigger project as well and I will be sharing the pictures with you very soon!

But now: the cards.

The most recent one, made for a coworker who was leaving company to pursue ambitious, personal goal, so he could definitely use a lot of “good luck”:


A farewell card for a cactus-loving coworked just had to be green and have a cactus on it:


And a card for a coworker whose new work was about to be very connected to Twitter and couldn’t resist to make a card that would look like a Twitter feed (all the Twitter handles and messages were made up, though, to protect everyone’s privacy):



Beautiful 30

7 Oct

beautiful30I never made a birthday card with a specific number, so I guess there had to be a first time. I was watching a movie and playing around with the colours – I wanted something bright and cheerful, but maybe also slightly vintage… Turned out a bit of colour and pattern mess, didn’t it?


16 Aug

bye21Here is another card for a coworker who likes cats and Japan. I tried to reflect Japanese popculture and the writing in hiragana (Japanese characters) says “goodbye”.

Warm Goodbye

27 Jul

A time came to make yet another goodbye card. I wanted this one to be special, so I took time thinking of what I want to do and how I want to do it. My coworker loves pink and at first I thought I’d make a pink card, but I couldn’t pick a shade that would appeal to me and give me inspiration. Quite to the contrary, I felt like I wanted something in warm browns with a bit of yellow and gold.

Then, browsing through the net, I came acroos another Szuflada’s Gold&Vintage challenge: this time they were encouraging users to make a vintage card with a gold element and this finally got the cogs turning! It took me two evenings to finish this card, but I think it was totally worth the effort and time, don’t you?


The buttons I made myself, using the same paper you can see on the side – I wanted to add a little bit of contrast to the card. I also decided to add bigger buttons at the bottom to break a bit a monotony of this simetrical cards. Those buttons were fun to make and I can’t believe I haven’t used this technique before!

bye20b bye20c

And in the end I couldn’t resist little joke and added a little piece inside the card:


So that there still was some pink in the end…

Flowery Wishes

30 Apr


Something different today for all those people tired with purple and with butterflies (brace yourselves, though, more butterflies will be coming!). A very summery card… Did I mention yellow is definitely not one of my favourite colours? But it has some appeal when it comes to card making – I just can’t say “no” when I see this bright and warm shades of yellow among other papers. So… here it is. Best wishes with flowers and yellow.

Yellow Ribbons

14 Apr


SpringĀ  is a bit slow to come over to Ireland this year, and although the cold-and-rainy weather seems to be finally shifting (fingers crossed that I didn’t jinx it just now!), I felt like I needed to brighten up the day a bit. Therefore I made bright and full of sun-like yellow colour card. Just a patterned paper with addition of some cardstock, ribbon bows and buttons – I think it turned out quite neat, and you?

As often, the card has no text, so can be used in multiple ways – would be nice for a thank you card, definitely could be a birthday card, or just a card to say few warm words to someone…

Memory of Summer

5 Dec

sunflowerAre you cold? I am. The winter is surely here, so I decided to go against all this bad weather and outrageously low temperatures, and create a very warm card – with a big sunflower and lots of warm reds and yellows. It was a simple make: a sticker, some ribbons, patterned papers and a corner puncher, but I like the overall effect.

So… Who would like a piece of summer?

Lizards of Ibiza

18 Oct

Apparently lizards are one of the signatures of Ibiza. During my stay over there I haven’t seen a single one, except on the souvenirs, t-shirts and craftwork.

I really liked the way they were scattered across pareos and mugs, and that simple and slightly tribal design was sure eye-catching. Therefore, where it came to thanking two wonderful women, without whom the trip would not be possible, I instantly thought about the lizards.

I need to admit, I felt half-tempted to cover the cards with all sorts of tribal markings, then in the end decided on simplicity. The color choice was obvious – blue for the sea and yellow for the sun, but since I would never make two cards that are exactly the same, I played with them: picked two shades of blue and two different shades of yellow (although I know some people who would place the darker one in the orange group), leaving the design the same.







I apologize for the quality of the pictures, it was quite dark when I took them, and I am still trying to discover the best settings of my new camera.