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Butterfly in grey

8 Jun

greybflyGrey doesn’t really seem like a cheerful colour – that’s why every once a while I feel tempted to play with it. Last time it was ornaments, this time – a butterfly and flowery pattern. A simple card that might suit some less joyful occassions.


Silver Ornaments

12 May

The idea behind these cards was simple – to use a single sticker ornament and make it look interesting enough to be the main piece on the card. I stuck it on the black card, elevated it, colour it in, cut out pieces and add shiny stones. I also decided on having grey background – sometimes I think this colour is underestimated, perceived as dull or not standing out enough.


The second card posed a bit of a problem, because the ornament was a bit too big for my standard A6 size, but then, I though it would be too small for A5. In the end, I found an in-between size, which I never used, as I always perceived it too big or too small, depending on a project. This time it turned out perfect. The idea and technique were the same, but you can see the outcome is a bit different. The little black space at the bottom, ideal for adding a sentiment. I left it blank for now, though.


The colours of them both are exactly the same, but since I took the pictures on two different days, the light was different and cause the difference you can see in the picture. One day I will have to tackle the art of taking pictures for sure!

Good Luck in good black

11 May

bye16A goodbye card for coworker. I wanted to use only two colours on in, silver and black, in the end added a hint of metallic blue and a ribbon. I also didn’t want to cut or write the letters the usual way.

Christmas in Gold and Black

8 Dec

xmas2012-05Christmas usually comes with red, green and white colours, making us think of Santa, christmass trees and snow. But what about people, who like to be more extravagant? Or simply don’t like the traditional colours? They deserve a card too, don’t they?

So here’s one for them – shiny gold with elegant black (although my camera seems to be insisting, that the background paper is gray – it is not). I picture it as a perfect card to be attached to a gift (wrapped up in the same colours). I didn’t want the card to be too symetric, so I moved all the presents a bit to the left. It didn’t take long to finish, but I was really satisfied with the outcome.

Silver Birthday

13 Aug

I really like silver and black mix, and the birthday theme is definitely a one deserving a proper shine (I’m not all for sparkly things, but I really can’t resist some silver sequins).

Also – I might know a lot about card-making, but photo-taking is a whole other matter. It seems that no matter what I do, my perfect-rectangle-shaped cards have uneven edges whenever I take a picture.


27 Dec

Core Cards is on holidays, so no new creations, but there is one I haven’t shown yet.

This card has been made for my dance teacher as an expression of gratitude for a great course. I tried to make it look a bit tribal, but in the end it turned towards burlesque, I think. Still, I was quite satisfied with the outcome.

A lot of various materials have been used: card, die-cut flowers, feathers, stones and a piece of ribbon.

Incy Wincy Spider…

7 Sep

Last one for the Halloween gallery, at least for now. I got to use a spider stamp I got last year in States (I hate their artwork shops, they are waaaay too big for my wages). Picture also added to the Halloween Gallery, see in Sample Cards.

Card available, priced 3 euro.

Halloween Gallery

3 Sep

New sample gallery has been added to the page, gathering all the Halloween card I made so far. Some of them have been posted on the site already, but there are two new cards and more to come for sure.



More Halloween!

22 Aug

Third card in the Halloween series, this time with crows and only in black&white (the white crow has orange-ish spots on it, but it doesn’t count, does it?). This time I went for simplicity, just three crows (two of them are cut out of felt) and two buttons. And my favourite paper in the background along with the cobweb stamp. Almost feels too empty, but it does have some appeal.

Click on the “Halloween” tag to view two other cards: Have a Pumpkin and Haunted House.

Card available, priced 3 euro.

Have a Pumpkin!

14 Aug

Another Halloween card, very similar in style to the Haunted House. I love the web-like black paper, buttons and my cobweb stamp, so I think I might end up with a Halloweeny series.

Card available, priced 3 euro.