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Saying “goodbye” once again

13 Apr


Another card for a leaving coworker. The picture’s quality is not the best, but the “We will miss you” in the middle square was quite visible on the card.

Not much story behind it, though it was made in a slightly different way than I usually make my cards. After each card there are scraps and leftovers, and also some elements that I decided not to use for some reason. I never throw them away, and whenever I’m in need of inspiration, I look through the box. And this is what I did this time – I found a bit that gave me an idea for the whole card.


Autumn Sentiments

10 Nov

Coming back to autumn themes, as I was asked to make a card with no text. I really like the gold and brown colour mixture, and I also find it universal enough to serve multiple purposes.

Autumn With Love

8 Oct

Indecisive as I am, I can’t make up my mind about whether to make some Halloween cards (with Halloween being just around the corner) or start preparing for soon-to-come Christmas, which always catches me panicking that I don’t have enough Christmas cards.

So, since I can’t decide, I just keep on making Autumn cards. This one – with love! Still working with browns and gold, a simple card that took few moments to finish. Patterned paper, a bit of vellum, ribbons, adhesive stones and a sticker.

New camera, which I am still learning to use and a very gloomy day with little daylight do not give justice to this warm-brown, elegant card.

Card available.

Book of Autumn

1 Oct

Autumn is perfect for reading a book, with its chilly, dark evenings, when all you want is a sofa, some tea and a book to read. This could be a perfect birthday card for a bookworm, of course to be given along with a book (or a giftcard to the local bookstore – you never know which book to get, those bookworms seem to have all of them already).

Following my mood for brown colour, this time I wanted to give the card an old book feel.

Card available.

Oriental Autumn

29 Sep

Autumn has set in for good in Ireland, bringing change of the weather – and the mood. This is my latest creation: this time a bit of oriental details mixed up with floral ornaments and autumn-like browns, with a bit of gold and shiny stones to brighten it up. I think that brown is a bit forgotten when it comes to card creation, but in the end it’s all about chosing the right shades and adding a bit of other colours to brighten the card up. I definitely like working with them.


Card available.