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Blue Dream

1 Aug

bluedreamChallenges are really addictive – no wonder as they stimulate creativity and imagination. This card was inspired by a card map (number 35) from ScrapMap blog. It was simple and although I felt tempted to enhance it, in the end I went with the simplicity offered.

Some years ago I created a several “oriental” cards (you can still see them in my showcase gallery) and Blue Dream is coming back to that style and mood. I already feel like making few more, maybe a mini-series: both in the oriental theme and this cool blue shades.


Oriental Autumn

29 Sep

Autumn has set in for good in Ireland, bringing change of the weather – and the mood. This is my latest creation: this time a bit of oriental details mixed up with floral ornaments and autumn-like browns, with a bit of gold and shiny stones to brighten it up. I think that brown is a bit forgotten when it comes to card creation, but in the end it’s all about chosing the right shades and adding a bit of other colours to brighten the card up. I definitely like working with them.


Card available.