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Minimalist Birthday

18 Mar

bday-9That’s it! You can’t go more minimal than that! (Well, you can, but then it’s not really a card, right?)

In this case I just loved the purple paper I used for background – it has a warm, saturated hue and a beautiful pattern – so I didn’t want to cover it up too much and pull attention away from it. So, only two stickers (one of them with different background and elevated so the card gains some dimension) and… nothing more.

I think it went quite well, don’t you?


Dream Journey

4 Aug

dreamjourneyI had some scraps of paper left after making Blue Dream card, so I dediced to make a card out of them instead of feeding my “might use them for something” scrap collection. Colours and style stayed the same, but I played around with layout a bit.

This card would probably be perfect for saying goodbye to someone setting off on a journey or moving over to another country, but I can also see some romantic soul using it as an invitation – to take their best friend or beloved one for a truly dream journey.

Blue Dream

1 Aug

bluedreamChallenges are really addictive – no wonder as they stimulate creativity and imagination. This card was inspired by a card map (number 35) from ScrapMap blog. It was simple and although I felt tempted to enhance it, in the end I went with the simplicity offered.

Some years ago I created a several “oriental” cards (you can still see them in my showcase gallery) and Blue Dream is coming back to that style and mood. I already feel like making few more, maybe a mini-series: both in the oriental theme and this cool blue shades.

Simply Thank You

7 Jul

simplythyWhile browsing through my supplies I came across some Tatty Teddy stickers and decided it was time to use them for something – something cute… Therefore, a pink card with simple stripes and two stickers elevated a bit to make it look more interesting.

Of course, this isn’t the only card I made with this sweet teddy, but I will show you more tomorrow…

Wedding Congratulations

1 Jul

wedding2I think it’s very easy to overdo a wedding congratulations card – a bit too much shiny or gold or silver and suddenly you find it too tacky and not elegant at all.

That’s why, even though I’m tempted to add more ornaments, I do try to stay on the “safe” side: simplicity side.

And in the end, it’s hard to go wrong with pure white adorned with a bit of gold (or silver), isn’t it?

Flowery Wishes

30 Apr


Something different today for all those people tired with purple and with butterflies (brace yourselves, though, more butterflies will be coming!). A very summery card… Did I mention yellow is definitely not one of my favourite colours? But it has some appeal when it comes to card making – I just can’t say “no” when I see this bright and warm shades of yellow among other papers. So… here it is. Best wishes with flowers and yellow.

Simple Red Love

13 Feb


Is everybody ready for Valentine’s Day? Plans made, gifts, flowers, cinema tickets bought? If you just remembered, that “OMG, it’s tomorrow!” making a card might be a live saver. This particular card was quick to make, stickers and card in nice, vivid and strong colours. I decided to add some black to the overly sweet pink-red and red-pink mood of this holiday, not everyone likes the shmoopy side of love.

This year I was well-organised (since I had to post the card in advance) and made another one some days ago, so this one is still free and for grabs!

Simply Green

26 Sep

Sometimes all the sophisticated and shiny cards, with lots of big words are nothing but annoyance, when you look at them. Sometimes you need something simple, because simple things might carry stronger, clearer message. Sometimes all you need is two shades of green, a floral patter and a piece of ribbon to make a card.