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Love Song

28 Jul

lovesongSo, here comes another challenge-inspired card. I think it might be pretty addictive, as those challenges are very inspiring. This time polish website Craft-Szafa challenged participants to play a “romantic tune”.

I came across some white flowers in my endless stash and decided to use them before I forget again that I have them. I thought of a wedding card, but then I wanted something more “universal”: this card will work as a wedding congratulation, a card for a beloved one (are there any romantic guys who still give their girlfriends cards?) or even a birthday card for this romantic girl, who reads books and listens to classic music all the time.

And since Craft-Szafa asks for a banner of their challenge, here it goes:


Wedding Congratulations

1 Jul

wedding2I think it’s very easy to overdo a wedding congratulations card – a bit too much shiny or gold or silver and suddenly you find it too tacky and not elegant at all.

That’s why, even though I’m tempted to add more ornaments, I do try to stay on the “safe” side: simplicity side.

And in the end, it’s hard to go wrong with pure white adorned with a bit of gold (or silver), isn’t it?

Wedding Butterflies

13 Jun

I was asked by a soon-to-be-wife for “Thank you” cards she could give to bridesmaid and best man. The wedding’s theme was “lavender”, so I prepared two butterfly cards in purple. They are not in an exact lavender shade, but they do correspond with it. And the addition of white, with a bit of silver and pearls set up the wedding mood.

And since I don’t do two exactly the same card, you can see they slightly different, though still staying within the theme and design.

wedbfly2wedbfly1wedbfly3 wedbfly4

Wedding Congratulations

24 Sep

This card was made some time ago as a wedding congratulations for my friend. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant, but couldn’t resist to add a bit of pink.

Christmas Bunch

4 Dec

Winter aura sabotages taking good pictures of the cards (not enough light), but I did my best.

Many of my Christmas cards have already been sold, but there is still 13 beautiful Christmas Cards waiting for new owners. They are priced 3 euro each and you can buy as many as you want, but I will be relying on “first come, first served” rule, so grab them before they go!

They are made in different techniques, with various materials – but all of them have been carefully hand crafted!

Contact me here or via Facebook page.





















































Cream Butterfly

31 Aug

I was really, really sad with the light on the day I took the picture of this card. The sun decided not to go out and I couldn’t get a nice, bright shot of this one. It seems a bit dark and cold, whereas in reality it is nice, creamy-golden card.

It is quite simple, with an embossed butterfly sticking out in the middle (yes, literally sticking out! 🙂 ), patterned papers, ribbons and a bit of golden glitter to shine it up.

There is no text on it (although there is space for it to be added), so the card could serve many purposes, would suit birthday, saying “thank you” or even as unconventional wedding congratulations.

Not available anymore.

More Halloween!

22 Aug

Third card in the Halloween series, this time with crows and only in black&white (the white crow has orange-ish spots on it, but it doesn’t count, does it?). This time I went for simplicity, just three crows (two of them are cut out of felt) and two buttons. And my favourite paper in the background along with the cobweb stamp. Almost feels too empty, but it does have some appeal.

Click on the “Halloween” tag to view two other cards: Have a Pumpkin and Haunted House.

Card available, priced 3 euro.

Oriental mood

21 Jul

I love Far East. The card was made with patterned papers, a bamboo stamp and few stickers.

Card available, priced 4 euro.