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Butterfly in grey

8 Jun

greybflyGrey doesn’t really seem like a cheerful colour – that’s why every once a while I feel tempted to play with it. Last time it was ornaments, this time – a butterfly and flowery pattern. A simple card that might suit some less joyful occassions.


Silver Ornaments

12 May

The idea behind these cards was simple – to use a single sticker ornament and make it look interesting enough to be the main piece on the card. I stuck it on the black card, elevated it, colour it in, cut out pieces and add shiny stones. I also decided on having grey background – sometimes I think this colour is underestimated, perceived as dull or not standing out enough.


The second card posed a bit of a problem, because the ornament was a bit too big for my standard A6 size, but then, I though it would be too small for A5. In the end, I found an in-between size, which I never used, as I always perceived it too big or too small, depending on a project. This time it turned out perfect. The idea and technique were the same, but you can see the outcome is a bit different. The little black space at the bottom, ideal for adding a sentiment. I left it blank for now, though.


The colours of them both are exactly the same, but since I took the pictures on two different days, the light was different and cause the difference you can see in the picture. One day I will have to tackle the art of taking pictures for sure!

And Some More Purple…

28 Apr


Still in a purple mood as you can see. But yesterday I had more of a simple approach. So, just three shades of purple (not counting the background), a bit of white, stones and one puncher. Looks easy, but it actually took a while to finish – I played around adjusting the size of the background squares to get more appealing result.

Also, I pondered on putting some sentiments on the card, but then I decided against it. This way, I either can leave it be, or – depending on the circumstances – I can quickly change it into “Happy Birthday”, “Get well soon” or “Good luck card”.

Yellow Ribbons

14 Apr


Spring¬† is a bit slow to come over to Ireland this year, and although the cold-and-rainy weather seems to be finally shifting (fingers crossed that I didn’t jinx it just now!), I felt like I needed to brighten up the day a bit. Therefore I made bright and full of sun-like yellow colour card. Just a patterned paper with addition of some cardstock, ribbon bows and buttons – I think it turned out quite neat, and you?

As often, the card has no text, so can be used in multiple ways – would be nice for a thank you card, definitely could be a birthday card, or just a card to say few warm words to someone…

Spring Faerie

28 Feb

springfaerieThis is the first time I decided to take part in a “challenge” – making a card with a given theme or colour pallette. The particular challenge, “Wyzwanie Szuflady” from a Polish website, encouraged crafters to use a very interesting colour set – green, brown and pink. I have to say that green and brown was an easy one, but I had trouble with pink… In the end I decided on matching stones that lightened up this spring like card.

Memory of Summer

5 Dec

sunflowerAre you cold? I am. The winter is surely here, so I decided to go against all this bad weather and outrageously low temperatures, and create a very warm card – with a big sunflower and lots of warm reds and yellows. It was a simple make: a sticker, some ribbons, patterned papers and a corner puncher, but I like the overall effect.

So… Who would like a piece of summer?

Autumn Sentiments

10 Nov

Coming back to autumn themes, as I was asked to make a card with no text. I really like the gold and brown colour mixture, and I also find it universal enough to serve multiple purposes.

Autumn With Love

8 Oct

Indecisive as I am, I can’t make up my mind about whether to make some Halloween cards (with Halloween being just around the corner) or start preparing for soon-to-come Christmas, which always catches me panicking that I don’t have enough Christmas cards.

So, since I can’t decide, I just keep on making Autumn cards. This one – with love! Still working with browns and gold, a simple card that took few moments to finish. Patterned paper, a bit of vellum, ribbons, adhesive stones and a sticker.

New camera, which I am still learning to use and a very gloomy day with little daylight do not give justice to this warm-brown, elegant card.

Card available.

Book of Autumn

1 Oct

Autumn is perfect for reading a book, with its chilly, dark evenings, when all you want is a sofa, some tea and a book to read. This could be a perfect birthday card for a bookworm, of course to be given along with a book (or a giftcard to the local bookstore – you never know which book to get, those bookworms seem to have all of them already).

Following my mood for brown colour, this time I wanted to give the card an old book feel.

Card available.

Oriental Autumn

29 Sep

Autumn has set in for good in Ireland, bringing change of the weather – and the mood. This is my latest creation: this time a bit of oriental details mixed up with floral ornaments and autumn-like browns, with a bit of gold and shiny stones to brighten it up. I think that brown is a bit forgotten when it comes to card creation, but in the end it’s all about chosing the right shades and adding a bit of other colours to brighten the card up. I definitely like working with them.


Card available.