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Butterfly in grey

8 Jun

greybflyGrey doesn’t really seem like a cheerful colour – that’s why every once a while I feel tempted to play with it. Last time it was ornaments, this time – a butterfly and flowery pattern. A simple card that might suit some less joyful occassions.


Purple Wishes

27 Apr


So, here’s the second from the “Purple duo”. Again, a coloured in stamp, this time with areas being cut out. You can see how different colours and cutting out bits can change it’s design.

Also, both cards are in the same colour palette, if you can see the difference on the screen – blame my camera!

Purple Day

25 Apr


It’s not a secret, that I love purple, but somehow I always end up making cards in some other colours.

The centre piece of the card is an ornament stamped on paper. It took quite a while to colour it in with various shades of purple and silver. Since the design is so rich in details, I decided that the rest of the card should be rather modest. Well, still couldn’t resist to add few shiny stones, as you can see!