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Minimalist Birthday

18 Mar

bday-9That’s it! You can’t go more minimal than that! (Well, you can, but then it’s not really a card, right?)

In this case I just loved the purple paper I used for background – it has a warm, saturated hue and a beautiful pattern – so I didn’t want to cover it up too much and pull attention away from it. So, only two stickers (one of them with different background and elevated so the card gains some dimension) and… nothing more.

I think it went quite well, don’t you?


Party in Green

16 Mar

bday-10Another card I made with birthdays in mind, but since there is no text on it, the card could easily be used for any kind of party.

I am not a big fan of pink (though I am a huge fan of green as you probably noticed), but I think that when it comes to papercraft, green and pink go perfect together and I am actually thinking of making few more cards in this colour palette… What do you think?

Birthday Cake

15 Mar

bday-7Since I made one birthday card, I couldn’t resist making few more, especially that I had all the relevant supplies pulled out. I went for a bit of rustic look and this card was later given to my coworker.

Birthday in Purple

9 Mar

bday-6Some time ago I was making a birthday card and now it’s time to share it. This one seems quite simple (yes, the simplicity of Valentine’s Day project still seems to be stiking with me), but I really liked purple papers and the overall result. As you can notice, I tried to break¬† the symetry a bit in this one.

Of course, since I pulled out all the papers and stickers, I wouldn’t stop at just one card, so there’s more to come soon!

Valentines 2014 – part 2

13 Feb

Pink might get a bit boring at times and I’m all for using non-standard colours for the particular themes (like making a Christmas card in purple or blue), so I couldn’t resist creating green Valentine’s Day cards:

But then, I always in the end come back to more traditional looks with hearts.

They look simple, but actually took quite a lot of time to finish as I had to cut around the stickers with a crafts knife to ensure all the spaces are cut properly and egdes are neat.

As usual, you can click on on the pictures to enlarge them and view details.

Valentines 2014 – part 1

12 Feb

Recently I have been busy with another big card project: I challenged myself to make as many Valentines cards as possible (until I run out of materials or patience) and see if I can hit 100. I didn’t manage to make so many, but in the end I still nearly beat my record (last year I made around 45 Christmas cards, but in the end this was spread out across two or three months) and ended up creating 38 various Valentines cards!

Since there were so many of them, I generally went for simplicity, squeezing as much as I could from this “heartful” theme. Over the next days I will be posting all of them until I gather them up in a Valentines 2014 gallery that will be available in the Sample Cards section, probably around next weekend.

Today it’s time for the first batch – I tried to group the similar ones together although they weren’t made in such order.¬†Please have a closer look at quite traditional, full of both hearts and pink cards (as usual, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see all the details)!

More Goodbyes

1 Feb

Core Cards have been dormant on the Internet for the last couple of month, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been making cards at all. So it’s time to catch up a bit and show three “Goodbye” cards I made during the past months. But it’s not all – I am working on a bigger project as well and I will be sharing the pictures with you very soon!

But now: the cards.

The most recent one, made for a coworker who was leaving company to pursue ambitious, personal goal, so he could definitely use a lot of “good luck”:


A farewell card for a cactus-loving coworked just had to be green and have a cactus on it:


And a card for a coworker whose new work was about to be very connected to Twitter and couldn’t resist to make a card that would look like a Twitter feed (all the Twitter handles and messages were made up, though, to protect everyone’s privacy):


Congratulations in Red

13 Oct

congratsredSome time ago I had a very “last minute” request for a wedding congratulations card. Sadly, with it being so late, I only had half of an evening to make a card – it’s not much time to plan and become creative (especially mid-week), but I knew I didn’t want to make a typical wedding card in white. I also decided that since the time was so short, I’d go for simplicity.

Beautiful 30

7 Oct

beautiful30I never made a birthday card with a specific number, so I guess there had to be a first time. I was watching a movie and playing around with the colours – I wanted something bright and cheerful, but maybe also slightly vintage… Turned out a bit of colour and pattern mess, didn’t it?

Dream of India – Rangoli

2 Oct

india14My friend once told me of a custom people of India had: making beautiful ornaments – rangoli out of coloured sand or flower petals. They were to bring luck, as far as I recall. My friend showed me pictures of rangoli she took during her travels to India and she got me mesmerised. It seemed obvious to me that I should reflect them somehow on the card.

Of course, paper, however more durable than sand, has its limitiations so I dared not to dream of reflecting the complexity of the real ones and just like Taj Mahal, rangoli were just an inspiration.

Sadly, I didn’t make many cards with this template, but it was due to the difficulty of cutting out pieces – each of this card took some hours to finish and very precise moves of a craft knife.

You can click on this card to enlarge it and view details or you can go and visit the “Dream of India” gallery to have a look at all of the rangoli-inspired cards.

The last part of the gallery will be published soon.