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Valentines 2014 – part 1

12 Feb

Recently I have been busy with another big card project: I challenged myself to make as many Valentines cards as possible (until I run out of materials or patience) and see if I can hit 100. I didn’t manage to make so many, but in the end I still nearly beat my record (last year I made around 45 Christmas cards, but in the end this was spread out across two or three months) and ended up creating 38 various Valentines cards!

Since there were so many of them, I generally went for simplicity, squeezing as much as I could from this “heartful” theme. Over the next days I will be posting all of them until I gather them up in a Valentines 2014 gallery that will be available in the Sample Cards section, probably around next weekend.

Today it’s time for the first batch – I tried to group the similar ones together although they weren’t made in such order.¬†Please have a closer look at quite traditional, full of both hearts and pink cards (as usual, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see all the details)!


Love Song

28 Jul

lovesongSo, here comes another challenge-inspired card. I think it might be pretty addictive, as those challenges are very inspiring. This time polish website Craft-Szafa challenged participants to play a “romantic tune”.

I came across some white flowers in my endless stash and decided to use them before I forget again that I have them. I thought of a wedding card, but then I wanted something more “universal”: this card will work as a wedding congratulation, a card for a beloved one (are there any romantic guys who still give their girlfriends cards?) or even a birthday card for this romantic girl, who reads books and listens to classic music all the time.

And since Craft-Szafa asks for a banner of their challenge, here it goes:

Butterfly in grey

8 Jun

greybflyGrey doesn’t really seem like a cheerful colour – that’s why every once a while I feel tempted to play with it. Last time it was ornaments, this time – a butterfly and flowery pattern. A simple card that might suit some less joyful occassions.

Flowery Wishes

30 Apr


Something different today for all those people tired with purple and with butterflies (brace yourselves, though, more butterflies will be coming!). A very summery card… Did I mention yellow is definitely not one of my favourite colours? But it has some appeal when it comes to card making – I just can’t say “no” when I see this bright and warm shades of yellow among other papers. So… here it is. Best wishes with flowers and yellow.

Come Home Soon

15 Apr

comehomesoonWhile looking through my countless art supplies, I came across those stamp-like stickers. They gave me an idea to make this card – reminding of letters we once wrote to people far away. Therefore the paper, looking like a hand-written letter (a rare thing nowadays, isn’t it) and a “Come home soon” text – something that we would write to the loved ones being far away. I like the old, maybe a bit “vintage” feel of the card that bring memories of times, when we used to find handwritten letters and postcards every once a while…

Spring Faerie

28 Feb

springfaerieThis is the first time I decided to take part in a “challenge” – making a card with a given theme or colour pallette. The particular challenge, “Wyzwanie Szuflady” from a Polish website, encouraged crafters to use a very interesting colour set – green, brown and pink. I have to say that green and brown was an easy one, but I had trouble with pink… In the end I decided on matching stones that lightened up this spring like card.

A Very Fluffy Birthday

17 Feb


Last one of the cards to be caught up with and presented on the website. I love these colorful fabric flowers (if you visit the site regularly, you probably saw me using them before), they make cards look cute and fluffy. To make sure it’s not going to be too sweet, I added some darker shade to match the pink on the card and I really like the final effect.

Memory of Summer

5 Dec

sunflowerAre you cold? I am. The winter is surely here, so I decided to go against all this bad weather and outrageously low temperatures, and create a very warm card – with a big sunflower and lots of warm reds and yellows. It was a simple make: a sticker, some ribbons, patterned papers and a corner puncher, but I like the overall effect.

So… Who would like a piece of summer?

Summer Spell

28 Aug

I know that summer is almost over and it wasn’t really sunny this year (at least not in Ireland), but I thought I’d create something cheerful and warm.

Simple card with some ribbons, paper petals, and patterned papers. It has no text, so it can serve any purpose: birthday, saying thank you or anything you find it suitable for.

Not available anymore.

Purple flowers

8 Aug

Two cards with the same theme. I wanted to try out my new metallic markers (they’re awesome!) and had fun with some stickers and patterned papers (first card also has some¬† sequins). The second picture turned out to be rather dark, and the shades of pictures are in reality similiar to the ones in the first picture.

Cards not available anymore.