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Party in Green

16 Mar

bday-10Another card I made with birthdays in mind, but since there is no text on it, the card could easily be used for any kind of party.

I am not a big fan of pink (though I am a huge fan of green as you probably noticed), but I think that when it comes to papercraft, green and pink go perfect together and I am actually thinking of making few more cards in this colour palette… What do you think?


Valentines 2014 – part 2

13 Feb

Pink might get a bit boring at times and I’m all for using non-standard colours for the particular themes (like making a Christmas card in purple or blue), so I couldn’t resist creating green Valentine’s Day cards:

But then, I always in the end come back to more traditional looks with hearts.

They look simple, but actually took quite a lot of time to finish as I had to cut around the stickers with a crafts knife to ensure all the spaces are cut properly and egdes are neat.

As usual, you can click on on the pictures to enlarge them and view details.

More Goodbyes

1 Feb

Core Cards have been dormant on the Internet for the last couple of month, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been making cards at all. So it’s time to catch up a bit and show three “Goodbye” cards I made during the past months. But it’s not all – I am working on a bigger project as well and I will be sharing the pictures with you very soon!

But now: the cards.

The most recent one, made for a coworker who was leaving company to pursue ambitious, personal goal, so he could definitely use a lot of “good luck”:


A farewell card for a cactus-loving coworked just had to be green and have a cactus on it:


And a card for a coworker whose new work was about to be very connected to Twitter and couldn’t resist to make a card that would look like a Twitter feed (all the Twitter handles and messages were made up, though, to protect everyone’s privacy):


More Spring Butterflies

18 Apr


Yesterday I mentioned that I will show a different outcome from the same material used. Alright, I cheated a bit – the stickers are slightly different in shape and the text is different (also, the black stones are slightly smaller), but the concept stays the same and I used exactly the same papers as in Spring Butterflies in previous post. I like playing around with the same materials, ideas – and still create quite unique cards.

Spring Butterflies

17 Apr


I think I mentioned before, that I have a soft spot for butterflies, even though it’s hard to find a more used up motif. Butterflies here, butterflies there, butterflies everywhere and half of it is kitsch… and every once a while I still want to make a card with them.

Some of you might have browsed my Showcase Gallery and spotted similar design. Although I never make to exactly the same cards, I like to recycle ideas – alter them and improve. Or just play with them. This time I used the same stickers, but different papers – and the outcome is slightly different than the one you can see in the gallery.

And tomorrow… I’m going to show you, that different outcome is also possible, if I use the same stickers (ok, slightly different in shape and text) and the same papers. Stay tuned! 😉

Come Home Soon

15 Apr

comehomesoonWhile looking through my countless art supplies, I came across those stamp-like stickers. They gave me an idea to make this card – reminding of letters we once wrote to people far away. Therefore the paper, looking like a hand-written letter (a rare thing nowadays, isn’t it) and a “Come home soon” text – something that we would write to the loved ones being far away. I like the old, maybe a bit “vintage” feel of the card that bring memories of times, when we used to find handwritten letters and postcards every once a while…

Spring Faerie

28 Feb

springfaerieThis is the first time I decided to take part in a “challenge” – making a card with a given theme or colour pallette. The particular challenge, “Wyzwanie Szuflady” from a Polish website, encouraged crafters to use a very interesting colour set – green, brown and pink. I have to say that green and brown was an easy one, but I had trouble with pink… In the end I decided on matching stones that lightened up this spring like card.

Simple Red Love

13 Feb


Is everybody ready for Valentine’s Day? Plans made, gifts, flowers, cinema tickets bought? If you just remembered, that “OMG, it’s tomorrow!” making a card might be a live saver. This particular card was quick to make, stickers and card in nice, vivid and strong colours. I decided to add some black to the overly sweet pink-red and red-pink mood of this holiday, not everyone likes the shmoopy side of love.

This year I was well-organised (since I had to post the card in advance) and made another one some days ago, so this one is still free and for grabs!

Christmas Birds

18 Dec

xmas2012-09Christmas cards are done, most of them gone already, and I’m away on holidays, but I still have a few cards that I didn’t show here yet.

So, here it is – with cute christmas birds stickers – I wanted to be bright and warm, even though the card is more “wintery” than “Christmasy”. I also tried to keep it simple, with little embelishements. Still, couldn’t resist adding a bit of gold glitter…

Christmas – make it quick!

11 Dec

I admit, I am hopeless when it comes to making cards – when I feel like it, I can spend an hour or two making one! But then, there is the Christmas rush (what rush, I have enough cards already… but shh!), and sometimes just the need of satisfaction of a nicely done card with not too much time spent (as time is a deficit commodity – always).

That’s why sometimes comes a need for a quick card to be done. Or even two. The idea behind this was simple: make it quick!

Nice background paper, some 3D stickers, ribbon and adhesive drops and… voila! Two cards done in no time. They don’t look like a quick make, do they?