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More Goodbyes

1 Feb

Core Cards have been dormant on the Internet for the last couple of month, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been making cards at all. So it’s time to catch up a bit and show three “Goodbye” cards I made during the past months. But it’s not all – I am working on a bigger project as well and I will be sharing the pictures with you very soon!

But now: the cards.

The most recent one, made for a coworker who was leaving company to pursue ambitious, personal goal, so he could definitely use a lot of “good luck”:


A farewell card for a cactus-loving coworked just had to be green and have a cactus on it:


And a card for a coworker whose new work was about to be very connected to Twitter and couldn’t resist to make a card that would look like a Twitter feed (all the Twitter handles and messages were made up, though, to protect everyone’s privacy):



Irish Goodbye

17 Jun

bye19Another Good-bye card for a co-worker – since she was leaving Ireland, I though some sheep would be in place. Especially when I found a sheep-patterned paper while browsing through my resources. All that was left was to make a big sheep and add a bit of sparkle to the card: I recently re-discovered nice mosaic stones (again, browsing through resources occassionally makes some treasure resurface) that you can see in the picture, so I sure will use them again.

Silver Ornaments

12 May

The idea behind these cards was simple – to use a single sticker ornament and make it look interesting enough to be the main piece on the card. I stuck it on the black card, elevated it, colour it in, cut out pieces and add shiny stones. I also decided on having grey background – sometimes I think this colour is underestimated, perceived as dull or not standing out enough.


The second card posed a bit of a problem, because the ornament was a bit too big for my standard A6 size, but then, I though it would be too small for A5. In the end, I found an in-between size, which I never used, as I always perceived it too big or too small, depending on a project. This time it turned out perfect. The idea and technique were the same, but you can see the outcome is a bit different. The little black space at the bottom, ideal for adding a sentiment. I left it blank for now, though.


The colours of them both are exactly the same, but since I took the pictures on two different days, the light was different and cause the difference you can see in the picture. One day I will have to tackle the art of taking pictures for sure!

Good Luck in good black

11 May

bye16A goodbye card for coworker. I wanted to use only two colours on in, silver and black, in the end added a hint of metallic blue and a ribbon. I also didn’t want to cut or write the letters the usual way.

More “Goodbye and Good Luck” cards

3 Nov










Catching up after a short holiday, I added two more Goodbye cards to the gallery. The “Good Luck” one was made for a female, whereas “Sad to See You Go” was gifted to a male, so no flowers and pinks there!

Feel free to view whole “Good Luck and Goodbye” gallery.