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Party in Green

16 Mar

bday-10Another card I made with birthdays in mind, but since there is no text on it, the card could easily be used for any kind of party.

I am not a big fan of pink (though I am a huge fan of green as you probably noticed), but I think that when it comes to papercraft, green and pink go perfect together and I am actually thinking of making few more cards in this colour palette… What do you think?


Birthday Cake

15 Mar

bday-7Since I made one birthday card, I couldn’t resist making few more, especially that I had all the relevant supplies pulled out. I went for a bit of rustic look and this card was later given to my coworker.

Warm Goodbye

27 Jul

A time came to make yet another goodbye card. I wanted this one to be special, so I took time thinking of what I want to do and how I want to do it. My coworker loves pink and at first I thought I’d make a pink card, but I couldn’t pick a shade that would appeal to me and give me inspiration. Quite to the contrary, I felt like I wanted something in warm browns with a bit of yellow and gold.

Then, browsing through the net, I came acroos another Szuflada’s Gold&Vintage challenge: this time they were encouraging users to make a vintage card with a gold element and this finally got the cogs turning! It took me two evenings to finish this card, but I think it was totally worth the effort and time, don’t you?


The buttons I made myself, using the same paper you can see on the side – I wanted to add a little bit of contrast to the card. I also decided to add bigger buttons at the bottom to break a bit a monotony of this simetrical cards. Those buttons were fun to make and I can’t believe I haven’t used this technique before!

bye20b bye20c

And in the end I couldn’t resist little joke and added a little piece inside the card:


So that there still was some pink in the end…

Wedding Congratulations

1 Jul

wedding2I think it’s very easy to overdo a wedding congratulations card – a bit too much shiny or gold or silver and suddenly you find it too tacky and not elegant at all.

That’s why, even though I’m tempted to add more ornaments, I do try to stay on the “safe” side: simplicity side.

And in the end, it’s hard to go wrong with pure white adorned with a bit of gold (or silver), isn’t it?

Birthday Cupcake

30 Jun

bday7A quick a simple card to make, using corresponding patterned papers and a cupcake sticker. With a bit of shiny stones to enhance the picture.

Can be a cute present for a little or not-so-little girl.

Birthday Cake

11 Feb


I think layered birthday cakes are great for cards. I wanted this card to be blue, so let’s just pretend it’s covered in icing!

Christmas Birds

18 Dec

xmas2012-09Christmas cards are done, most of them gone already, and I’m away on holidays, but I still have a few cards that I didn’t show here yet.

So, here it is – with cute christmas birds stickers – I wanted to be bright and warm, even though the card is more “wintery” than “Christmasy”. I also tried to keep it simple, with little embelishements. Still, couldn’t resist adding a bit of gold glitter…

Christmas in Gold and Black

8 Dec

xmas2012-05Christmas usually comes with red, green and white colours, making us think of Santa, christmass trees and snow. But what about people, who like to be more extravagant? Or simply don’t like the traditional colours? They deserve a card too, don’t they?

So here’s one for them – shiny gold with elegant black (although my camera seems to be insisting, that the background paper is gray – it is not). I picture it as a perfect card to be attached to a gift (wrapped up in the same colours). I didn’t want the card to be too symetric, so I moved all the presents a bit to the left. It didn’t take long to finish, but I was really satisfied with the outcome.

Autumn Sentiments

10 Nov

Coming back to autumn themes, as I was asked to make a card with no text. I really like the gold and brown colour mixture, and I also find it universal enough to serve multiple purposes.

Christmas Stamps

5 Nov

I really like those stamp-like pictures that seem to perfectly portrait what’s important in Christmas time. The background reminds me of a wrapping paper, but it seemed a bit empty, so I added some snowflakes. In the end the card looks a bit busy, but the stamps still stand out.

Card available.