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Cream Butterfly

31 Aug

I was really, really sad with the light on the day I took the picture of this card. The sun decided not to go out and I couldn’t get a nice, bright shot of this one. It seems a bit dark and cold, whereas in reality it is nice, creamy-golden card.

It is quite simple, with an embossed butterfly sticking out in the middle (yes, literally sticking out! 🙂 ), patterned papers, ribbons and a bit of golden glitter to shine it up.

There is no text on it (although there is space for it to be added), so the card could serve many purposes, would suit birthday, saying “thank you” or even as unconventional wedding congratulations.

Not available anymore.


Summer Spell

28 Aug

I know that summer is almost over and it wasn’t really sunny this year (at least not in Ireland), but I thought I’d create something cheerful and warm.

Simple card with some ribbons, paper petals, and patterned papers. It has no text, so it can serve any purpose: birthday, saying thank you or anything you find it suitable for.

Not available anymore.

Oriental mood

21 Jul

I love Far East. The card was made with patterned papers, a bamboo stamp and few stickers.

Card available, priced 4 euro.

Butterfly Letter

17 Jul

I had fun with this one, mixing some leftover papers with the butterfly bits I found at the bottom of a drawer (and it’s a deep drawer). It felt a little bit empty, but in the end I liked the effect and didn’t want to overdo the card by adding too much stuff.

Card not available anymore.


11 Jul

Butterflies are my favourite motif, and even though I don’t make many cards with them, all are special. I feared this particular one might turn out a bit too dark and gloomy, especially, when I felt tempted to add this black ribbon piece, but in the end it turned out very elegant. Black adhesive stones seemed to be perfect finish for the patterned papers and stickers.

The butterflies are layered to stick out from the page and add some dimension to it.

Card available, priced 3,5 euro.


11 Jul

This card may look simple, but it actually took a lot of time to complete. The piece in a middle is a stamp, that was coloured in with markers and metallic gelpens (you can click on the picture to enlarge it and have a better look). The rest is just textured card with a bit of enhancement of silver gelpen and some frame stickers. The card is thick, so it actually looks like a book cover. A book of spells maybe?

There is some space under some ornament to put a short text in (“Happy Birthday”? “Best Friend”?), but for now I decided to leave it blank – things can always be added and customized, if nescessary.

Oh, all of the purple pieces on the card have actually more vibrant and warmer shade than the one in the picture.

Card not available anymore.


9 Jul

A year or two ago I got train stickers from my friend and a matching puncher. I found them recently, while I was sorting out my things, and remembered the idea for a card I had. So I decided to finish it. It’s a nice mixture of black and red (the latter slightly darker than in the picture).

Card available, priced 3 euro.

She sells sea shells…

1 Jul

So shiny… I can’t stop playing with this card, it reflects the light so nicely. The only bit that doesn’t shine on this card, is the light blue bit of patterned paper – but the contrast makes it more interesting.

Made with stickers and papers.

Not available anymore.

In the forest

29 Jun

A combination of paterned papers, matching brad and sime punched out leaves. Pink provides nice contrast to overall green, so does little silver frame around it (click the picture to enlarge image and see yourself 😉 ).

Card not available anymore.

Flowers again

29 Jun

Flowers again, an interesting combination of light pink and bright green, some adhesive stones and layered ready cut out flowers.

Card available, priced 2,5 euro