Dream of India – Rangoli

2 Oct

india14My friend once told me of a custom people of India had: making beautiful ornaments – rangoli out of coloured sand or flower petals. They were to bring luck, as far as I recall. My friend showed me pictures of rangoli she took during her travels to India and she got me mesmerised. It seemed obvious to me that I should reflect them somehow on the card.

Of course, paper, however more durable than sand, has its limitiations so I dared not to dream of reflecting the complexity of the real ones and just like Taj Mahal, rangoli were just an inspiration.

Sadly, I didn’t make many cards with this template, but it was due to the difficulty of cutting out pieces – each of this card took some hours to finish and very precise moves of a craft knife.

You can click on this card to enlarge it and view details or you can go and visit the “Dream of India” gallery to have a look at all of the rangoli-inspired cards.

The last part of the gallery will be published soon.


Dream of India – Taj Mahal

30 Sep

india08The first template I created for the “Dream of India” series was a silhouette of a buidling resembling Taj Mahal. Of course, I had no intention of depicting this beautiful monument, but merely wanted to bring an association of it.

I used various techniques, including 3D paint and smudging which you can view in the fresly updated gallery “Dream of India“.

Two other parts of the gallery coming soon.

Incoming “Dream of India” Gallery

29 Sep

india00So, my secret project, which took over a month of my time (mostly evenings and weekends, as you might guess) is finally done!

72 different paper patterns, 30 cards, 3 creative templates, hours of work, different techniques applied…

But “Dream of India” is finally ready!

Let me tell you about the idea behind this project. A two years ago, when I was visting United States, I came across an interesting cardstock in an art store. It was called “Taj Mahal” and featured 72 seets of patterned paper inspired by India. I have a friend who loves India and visits this country as often as possible, so having her in mind, I purchased the papers. A year or some ago I made a card with an elephant for her birthday, but other than that I never really used the paper.

With her birthday coming I thought of making another one, but then I came with another idea: a set of India-inspired cards for her to use.

I decided to go with three different templates and work around to make each of the cards unique yet similar enough to be considered a set. For the three next updates you will get to see three different types of cards I made, until I present all 29 of them (for some reason, I took picutres of only 29 of them, even though I’m convinced there were 30).

During the work I discovered different techniques and experimented a bit, developing new ideas as I went.

Today’s card is one-of-a-kind, as I just wanted to play with the patterned papers -so I thought it would be nice to present it first. Stay tuned to see the rest of the cards!

Just a note

31 Aug

justanoteThis card was inspired by a one I found in the depths of Pinterest. It gave me a chance to finally try out my super-big stack of corresponding papers – out of from various palettes with musical notes, I decided in the end to go with browns. So, what do you think?


16 Aug

bye21Here is another card for a coworker who likes cats and Japan. I tried to reflect Japanese popculture and the writing in hiragana (Japanese characters) says “goodbye”.

Dream Journey

4 Aug

dreamjourneyI had some scraps of paper left after making Blue Dream card, so I dediced to make a card out of them instead of feeding my “might use them for something” scrap collection. Colours and style stayed the same, but I played around with layout a bit.

This card would probably be perfect for saying goodbye to someone setting off on a journey or moving over to another country, but I can also see some romantic soul using it as an invitation – to take their best friend or beloved one for a truly dream journey.

Blue Dream

1 Aug

bluedreamChallenges are really addictive – no wonder as they stimulate creativity and imagination. This card was inspired by a card map (number 35) from ScrapMap blog. It was simple and although I felt tempted to enhance it, in the end I went with the simplicity offered.

Some years ago I created a several “oriental” cards (you can still see them in my showcase gallery) and Blue Dream is coming back to that style and mood. I already feel like making few more, maybe a mini-series: both in the oriental theme and this cool blue shades.

Love Song

28 Jul

lovesongSo, here comes another challenge-inspired card. I think it might be pretty addictive, as those challenges are very inspiring. This time polish website Craft-Szafa challenged participants to play a “romantic tune”.

I came across some white flowers in my endless stash and decided to use them before I forget again that I have them. I thought of a wedding card, but then I wanted something more “universal”: this card will work as a wedding congratulation, a card for a beloved one (are there any romantic guys who still give their girlfriends cards?) or even a birthday card for this romantic girl, who reads books and listens to classic music all the time.

And since Craft-Szafa asks for a banner of their challenge, here it goes:

Warm Goodbye

27 Jul

A time came to make yet another goodbye card. I wanted this one to be special, so I took time thinking of what I want to do and how I want to do it. My coworker loves pink and at first I thought I’d make a pink card, but I couldn’t pick a shade that would appeal to me and give me inspiration. Quite to the contrary, I felt like I wanted something in warm browns with a bit of yellow and gold.

Then, browsing through the net, I came acroos another Szuflada’s Gold&Vintage challenge: this time they were encouraging users to make a vintage card with a gold element and this finally got the cogs turning! It took me two evenings to finish this card, but I think it was totally worth the effort and time, don’t you?


The buttons I made myself, using the same paper you can see on the side – I wanted to add a little bit of contrast to the card. I also decided to add bigger buttons at the bottom to break a bit a monotony of this simetrical cards. Those buttons were fun to make and I can’t believe I haven’t used this technique before!

bye20b bye20c

And in the end I couldn’t resist little joke and added a little piece inside the card:


So that there still was some pink in the end…

Simply Teddies

10 Jul

Did you like the Tatty Teddy card from the previous post? Well, there’s more of them!

As I mentioned, I got inspired by stickers I found in my supplies, but one card simply wasn’t enough. That’s why, following “all pink” Thank You card there are three more, made in a similar style.


The first one was horizontal and this time I decided to use purple paper for some contrast with pink. The pink stripey bit is actually a leftover from making pink card in the previous post. I hated to throw it away, so I used it in another card – placing it at the edge created a bit of assimetry and an interesting final result. Pictures of teddies were elevated, to add some volume and I also aranged them in a descending pattern, rather than aligning them to the purple self-adhesive ribbon.

I can tell you, I was very satisfied with the final result!

But still, I didn’t have enough ofthe cute teddies, so two more cards followed:


As you can see, these two are a bit more “traditional” – both in vertical aligment and in the design. Each of them is different, but using the same pattern and stickers makes them interesting series, don’t you think?