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Dream of India – Elephants

5 Oct

india20The first card I made for my friend before even starting the series had an elephant, so it seemed quite obvious that I’d come back to this motif. Though this time I made the elephant template a bit smaller, so that I had more space around to play with colours and layout.

To view all the cards please visit the Sample Cards section or simply click “Dream of India” to be moved to the galley instantly.

This is the last part of my biggest project so far and aside of making few single cards which I will be showing soon, I am thinking of starting a new project as this one brought me so much fun.


Incoming “Dream of India” Gallery

29 Sep

india00So, my secret project, which took over a month of my time (mostly evenings and weekends, as you might guess) is finally done!

72 different paper patterns, 30 cards, 3 creative templates, hours of work, different techniques applied…

But “Dream of India” is finally ready!

Let me tell you about the idea behind this project. A two years ago, when I was visting United States, I came across an interesting cardstock in an art store. It was called “Taj Mahal” and featured 72 seets of patterned paper inspired by India. I have a friend who loves India and visits this country as often as possible, so having her in mind, I purchased the papers. A year or some ago I made a card with an elephant for her birthday, but other than that I never really used the paper.

With her birthday coming I thought of making another one, but then I came with another idea: a set of India-inspired cards for her to use.

I decided to go with three different templates and work around to make each of the cards unique yet similar enough to be considered a set. For the three next updates you will get to see three different types of cards I made, until I present all 29 of them (for some reason, I took picutres of only 29 of them, even though I’m convinced there were 30).

During the work I discovered different techniques and experimented a bit, developing new ideas as I went.

Today’s card is one-of-a-kind, as I just wanted to play with the patterned papers -so I thought it would be nice to present it first. Stay tuned to see the rest of the cards!

Maintenace time

4 Jan

Core Cards is going through some major changes at the moment, which might temporarily affect the way pages are displayed.

I apologize for the inconvenience. The website will be back to normal in a couple of days.

Halloween Gallery

3 Sep

New sample gallery has been added to the page, gathering all the Halloween card I made so far. Some of them have been posted on the site already, but there are two new cards and more to come for sure.



Changes on the website

8 Aug

Recently I’ve received few good advices and over the weekend I’ve been busy re-taking most of the pictures of my cards. I replaced most of the old ones in the galleries and in the posts. I hope that they’re better quality now. There is few minor things still to be done, and I will try to finish them during the week.

Also, the Sample Gallery as been divided according to themes – I hope it will make browsing more convenient for everyone. I am hesitating whether to add new cards (the ones from posts) to them, I might do it in the future.

If you have any ideas on how to improve Core Cards, please let me know.

And last but not least, Core Cards has now its own Facebook page.

Core Cards starting up

25 Jun

Welcome to Core Cards! I hope you will enjoy your stay and find a card that you particularly like. Feel free to browse through sample galleries for now, new cards will be added over the time, be sure to subscribe or check back every few days!