New cards in Gallery section

30 Oct

Core Cards has been on hiatus due to my sickness and holidays, so it’s high time to post new cards. Taking a short break from Christmas mood (but many more cards is coming soon!), I want to present three commissioned cards I made few weeks ago.









Making two cards within the same theme is a bit challenging if they are not supposed to be part of a series. Two of my coworkers were leaving at the same time and I really wanted to treat them individually.

The first card’s idea came by accident: I was looking through my patterned papers and putting them on a pile. The two of them, even though completely different, seemed to match well, so I decided to go with it. So rich in design, they were a real challenge when it came to adding small bits, as they had to match both sides. But in the end I was satisfied with the way this card looked.

The second card features butterflies and is very bright – I wanted pinks and purples and different kinds of ribbons. I managed to make it in completely different style, which was satisfactory.


This is a “Thank you” card commision, a card that was to be sent to a female – that’s why I decided on pink. Some patterned papaers, ribbons, stickers and adhesive flowers were used.


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